Is it annoying to shave legs?

a) What is your favourite method to do that?
b) Why?
c) How often do you have to do that

d) How long does it take

e) Does it hurt badly if you wax

f) Any other comment...


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  • Yes it's annoying lol
    I'd wax if I could afford to do it properly at a salon, those wax strips at home just don't give same effect lol!

    If you want PROPER smooth legs literally like every 2 days! sometimes you can get a small stubble back after just a day.. It's fucking ridiculous. Especially if you're dark haired !

    If you keep up with it it really doesn't take that long.. A few minutes on each leg

    Nah waxing doesn't hurt as bad as everyone thinks it does.. Well, obviously everyone's pain threshold is different, but you get used to it!


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  • a) Razor and hair removal cream for my knees
    b) Razor is quick for most parts but for around my knees I like the hair removal cream cause I can't nick myself then with the blade of the razor like I usually do if I just shave normally around my knees.
    c) Twice a week
    d) About 5-10 minutes
    e) I've never waxed my legs so can't say but I have had brazillian waxes before and they hurt like a biiiitch
    f) I'm good ^^

  • I shave a few times a week, and wax occasionally. It only takes me a few minutes to shave, and waxing does hurt a lot.

  • I sit in my tub in the bath and just use my razor and shaving cream.
    I do it because I like to feel them when they're smooth and silky plus it looks nice.
    I shave my legs once a week, it takes about 10-15 minutes to shave the bottoms and tops of my legs completely.
    I've never gotten waxed so I'm not sure but I've always heard other people say it hurts.
    I don't know why people always act like it's such an annoying thing to have to do. I find it really fun and relaxing to lather the shaving cream on my legs then shave it all off in sections and see the smooth skin underneath. am i the only one? :o

  • I really hate to shave my legs..

    a) I use a shaver with soap around the shaver so I don't need to apply shaving cream and therefore also doesn't take as long, though it's expensive.

    b) I shave because I hate the feeling of having hairy legs, plus I have dark hair so it's very visible.

    c) If I want to have shaved legs all the time then around two times a week is necessary. Although I push it with once a week in the summer.

    d) When with a normal shaver and cream and have to do up my thighs as well, then it can take everything from 20 minutes to 40 depending on how long it has been since I've shaved.

    e) I haven't tried to vax, I'm curious as well.

  • It's not that bad.
    a- Shave with a razor in the shower with shaving cream
    b- It's quick and simple
    c- Don't have to do- Just do, daily (can't stand being prickly)
    d- 10 mins
    e- Yes- and too time consuming
    f- Cutting your ankle or knee while shaving in the shower is like a psycho movie

  • 1) I don't have a method. But I do shave with conditioner
    2) because it's cheaper than shaving cream and moisturizers my legs
    3) every two to three days
    4) it depends on how long the hairs are and the sharpness of my blades. 10-20mins
    5) I don't wax my legs but I can easily wax my underarms, arms, and moustache
    6) I hate hair removal

  • 1) I wax my legs, shave my arms with an electronic razor (but am wanting to try waxing them), use tape to pull out other hairs like the damn pit hairs, tweeze the ones on the face
    2) Waxing pulls the hair along with the roots so it takes longer to grow back
    3) Most people wax as soon as the hair is long enough again but I'm rather lazy so I do it whenever it's grown to the point where you can see hairy legs from far or something >_>
    4) Like 30 minutes for legs but everything would probably amount to an hour plus
    5) I've got high pain tolerance so not really. Just pull really quickly (:
    6) My second brother has less hairs than me and it pisses me off

  • I wax my legs and all other parts, I've been doing it for years and the hairs grow back so fine that you can hardly see them plus they are fair... I only have to do it once every six weeks... winter time... I leave it abit longer... if you haven't waxed before, it can hurt but once you have it done a few times... its fine... JUST TAKE THAT PAIN GIRL!! lol!! what we do for vanity... lol!!

  • I don't shave. I wax, it hurts a bit for few minutes. But I just apply a good aloe vera moisturiser.. After that it doesn't hurt that much

  • yes, its really annoying.
    a) personally, i shave with shaking cream or soap, and a razor
    b) i think it looks nice and feels since to have smooth legs
    c) every week
    d) WAY too long, thats the biggest problem. I have long legs so like 15 minutes
    e) yeah, it hurts
    f) another problem is that if you want to avoid the pain and use a razor, you might get gross cuts from the razor on your knees or the back of our calfs.
    overall, NOT a fun experience at all

  • Super annoying, I hate it so I don't do it too often only if I'm planning on wearing shorts. I shave since waxing is more difficult and it takes like an hour for me. I'm not very good at it so I cut myself a lot.

    Really wish people didn't care about hairy legs.

  • First, I don't shave. I prefer waxing, and yes it hurts but it's worth it! I've been waxing since 15 so yeah I think i'm numb to the pain now ahha

  • Yes it's annoying, especially if you're a lazy bum like me. It takes me about 20 minutes since I'm slow.

    Waxing hurts like hell so I've stopped using wax.

  • I use nair, it doesn't hurt, once a month, because I want to, waxing hurts like a bitcccch.

  • It's a pain in the ass, albeit a necessary one :p

  • haha it is! wax: good fos skin and hair grows more thin and less in general.

  • a) cheap razor. Put some body wash on my legs or underpits and shave. Rinse with warm water. Then dry with a towel. Apply some nice body lotion.
    b) Why? because its a fast method and easy to do. Its not painful.
    c) About once a week.
    d) Its takes me about 15-20 mins
    e) Never tried to wax. But im assuming it would.