Please rate me?

I am struggling to get a score on hotornot, however seems that I don't get enough votes, don't know why at this point.

So please help me get the votes so I have score:

Thank you.


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  • Don't be an attention whore. 😉

    • I am not sure I understand what you mean, I was waiting for 3 months to get a "number" on hotornot and still didn't get it, looks like I got around 50 "votes". Probably their service is crap as I know I gave more then that amount of votes.

      That was the reason asking here, so the "attention whore", I don't get.

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    • I wanted to get a feeling of how people see me physically relative to others, that's the purpose of the hotornot account.

      Looks like most people there have a score of 6-7 probably that happens because most of the votes are from their friends, but I wanted to get a 'real' number with opinions made from random people.

      How does that affect me? Depends on the score if I get more then 7 from random people I will probably just continue be myself, otherwise maybe I have to work on my looks, don't know yet.

    • Okay, fair enough, I just thought you wanted to get high ranking/get popular or something.

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  • shaved u look better basically 8)

  • Maybe its a bad sign man. Or maybe you're just off the charts bruh. Who knows

  • Link didn't work

    • Yeah, this popped at the top as I was selecting a MHO but the account doesn't exist anymore since I gave up, after months there I haven't get enough votes to get a score, I guess I send strong stay away signals so I don't get the votes.

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    • Can be, at least I know its not my height which is just under 5ft 7inch but my poker face or the fact that I am hairy, another post on the same topic:

    • In the end I get to learn something :)