Why does the end of my hair curl outwards?

I'm growing my hair out from the length of a bob cut. It's at the awkward length in between long and short (past chin-length, but not yet shoulder-length). After I shower, the ends ALWAYS curl upwards. It's annoying!
Any explainations? Suggestions? Thanks!


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  • Mine does that too, especially at the back. My hairstylist told me it was because I got layers put in when it was still above shoulder length, so when it grows to the length that it's brushing your shoulders, that's the way the layers behave. She said not to get layers until it's longer than shoulder length and I shouldn't have that problem.
    For now I'm just blowdrying with a round brush layer by layer and curling the ends inward (towards the neck) with the brush as I go, and then finishing with a flat iron.


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  • No real explanation besides that's just how your hair works. You'd have to flat iron that or blow dry it straight if you don't like it.

    I am a hairstylist :]. Hair can be super fussy. If you like it curly, you could always just curl it with a headband. It is easier on your hair and you don't need a bunch of tools for this method. Below I have posted a link to a tutorial for it. Just do this before you go to bed with mostly dry to dry hair with maybe a little product in there.


  • The same thing happens to me. You may need to straighten it with a flat iron or blowdry your hair pulling that part straight with a brush when you do. Hair can do some weird curls and waves while it grows out