Does the gap teeth make such difference in my apperance?

Okay so although I'm British I don't suffer from classic British teeth, almost. Almost because I have a small, 1mm wide gap between my two front teeth. It never really bothered me until I started growing up and crushing on boys, that time I've noticed that it might be considered as a flaw. I don't know it didn't really stop me from smiling from ear to ear and opening my mouth in general yet somewhere in my mind I had the thought about my little flaw. Some people think it's actually a feature, a really cute feature and I've tried to think the same way. And I've been thinking that way until I've heard something really saddening.
There is one guy I like and he was always really nice to me. Once at one party we and a group of our friends were exchanging instagram usernames etc. While he was browsing my profile, he stopped on two pics and said "You would've been cute if you didn't have that weird gap". So here's my question: does my teeth gap make me look that unattractive? Here are the pics he saw: http://tinypic. com/view. php? pic=2ziv3b6&s=8#. VVIpivntmko
and http://tinypic. com/view. php? pic=20ush0m&s=8#. VVIpovntmkp (remove the space between com and the rest of the link).
I know I might not be the beauty queen Bey but I've never felt so insecure about my face. So if you want to comment only to bash and make yourself happier by making others sad, just outside and have a nice time :)

here are the working links

tinypic. com/view. php? pic=2ziv3b6&s=8#. VVIsZ_ntmkr
tinypic. com/view. php? pic=20ush0m&s=8#. VVIsFfntmkp


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  • No your teeth look fine that doesn't look bad at all.
    If it does bother you a lot just go see a Orthadontist and get braces.

    • Thanks! I've already been to the orthodontists' but he said there's no need to put braces on so I don't know

    • @asker no need? There crooked teeth isn't really a major health issue, it's for appearance.
      If you aren't happy with the look of your teeth then you I've the need for them :)


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  • that's a MINOR flaw basically... so who cares? ^_^

    • As I said, until very recently I didn't think it's a flaw but now I'm not so sure :/

  • It's barely noticable at all. If anything it looks cute.

  • No it doesn't. In fact some women look pretty cute with it.

  • I've always thought small gaps (like yours) is very cute.


What Girls Said 2

  • i don't think so, i have one myself; i do think it's a flaw but a good, unique flaw to embrace. i know how u feel, having gap teeth feeling worried bout how u look. been there, done that and although there have been people that have been making fun of my teeth, i still embrace it coz at the end of the day, u have to feel comfortable with yourself and accept and be happy with who you are.

  • The guy was being crude. The younger ones are very shallow.

    • Yeah ikr no one's perfect so I don't see a point in making fun of each other's flaws

    • Kids do that a lot. You should casually say something about his flaws too. 😆