What to wear at model castings?

I've been asked to go to a modelling casting, but I don't know what clothes or makeup to wear... Any tips?


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  • Just wear normal everyday clothes and no make-up ( or very very minimal). Try to look as natural as you can. If they notice you are wearing make-up they might even ask you to remove it or just reject you right away so better don't risk it. & Good Luck!! ;)

    • This is just my advice for runway or editorial castings - I have never done any other castings so I wouldn't know but if you already know what type of model they're looking for try to match that, like if you're going to a casting for 'rock-a-billy-fashion' (ok, weird example) but then you can already try to match their possible expectations but usually I always found the natural look to work best for me.

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