Guys hows my profile pic?

just want to know you guys feedback


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  • Personally I love your picture. There's a picture of you on your t shirt in a picture of you.

    • yeah there's a picture of me on my t shirt, that t shirt was personally made just for advertisement of myself and my firms name, but i just wore it once it looks awkward wearing yourself and doing the promotions at least to me it looked

    • Yeah. It can be quite awkward wearing a shirt with your face on it. I did it once.

    • so from then my that t shirt is just kept in my cupboard

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  • That community could be a bit rude but don't worry sir, you look good. The thing which will matter is the quality of your posts, not the pic. Welcome to the girlsaskguys. Have a nice stay here. :)

    • thanks brother yes some of them are bit rude but i want to tell you none of rudeness towards me is going to make me any bitter, harsh or rude back to others, thats not in my dna

    • I appreciate your generosity and progressive thinking :)

  • You look like a normal person but you're not going to attract any girls if that's what you're shooting for

    • no that wasn't what i was shooting for , yeah i am a normal person not a player you see

  • hahahaha sorry that is the only response I could think of.

    • you look like Indian Homer Simpson.