Does my weight loss make me look worse than before?

I've been losing weight since January, so far I've lost about 10 kg. Few days ago I met my friend whom I hadn't seen for a long time and the very first comment she said was "wow you lost weight but it makes you look ugly and old" and I believe she didn't say that because she was jealous or something cause she's just not that type of person, and she wasn't the only one, my friend's boyfriend also told me similar thing. Is this true? Do I look bad with the weight loss? Is there anything I can do to keep my current weight but look good?


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  • you're not ugly at all, but you did look a bit younger pre-weight loss.
    But don't change anything!


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  • You might have lost a little too much... exercise regularly and eat lots of fruit, veg and high fibre foods, plenty of protein too. That way you'll be skinny but also toned and not sick looking

    • Did you check out my pictures? Do you agree with them? I think they were talking about my face cause she said my face looked too small

    • Yeah I just looked at them... you look like a perfect weight:):) don't worry about her comment

    • Aww thank you :)

  • Which are the before & after pics? Honestly I didn't see much difference.

    • Left ones are the after pictures. Yeah that's what I thought, until they said that.