Guys, what is attractive and unattractive on a woman?

I wanna know what guys like and dislike on a female. I am one :) lol and I wanna know.


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  • A boring ass personality is very unattractive to me no matter how "hot" she is, and a girl who can play her video games ;D now thats the stuff

    • I agree with the video games!^


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  • Attractive: Fit girl, confident, sense of humor, ambitious, social & outgoing

    Undateable: lack of confidence (big deal to me as you can see), lingering feelings for exes, plays games like hard to get and shit like that, immaturity -- big example being doesn't know what she wants in a relationship isn't very direct at communicating/vague and lack of direction in what she wants or struggles with her own emotions, serious all the time, i like feminine girly-girls so tomboyish tbh, lack of vision/ambition, bad hygiene, smoking Gagggg meee.

    p. s. just copy pasted that from a very similar question

    • Another thing is being kind to others, that's really big for me too.

    • Wow. Lol i was not expecting that much dislike! That's good now I know!

    • I agree with you! But I think every woman have should have manners in that way!

  • Depends on the make up...

    hate on me.

  • Boring humorless and ugly attitude or even worse she uses Tumblr

    • And what's attractive?

    • I feel like a broken record because I answered this in a previous question not to long ago but I tend to find women with the humor of sarah silverman so freaking attractive 😊 and basically the opposite of what I stated that was unattractive

    • Oh okay! Haha well thank you for answering! :)

  • I like: her being cute, athletic, kind, funny, smart, blond (idk why), and shy
    I dislike: being rude, annoying, gross, and fat

  • LOSING 50 pounds is attractive

    weighing only 70 pounds is unattractive.

    • 70lbs? Lol omg that's tiny!!!