Girls, how do you gain your self confidence back?

I keep thinking to myself everyday I'm not as pretty as those girls or I'm not as sexy as I was once. And I don't know how to get my self confidence back. Me and my husband have going through some hard times and I just want to feel sexy again.


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  • Focus on being a good person and on building a career for yourself. When you help others - you raise your value socially - and if you do it in secret God will reward you 100 times better than any human being can reward you for the good you do for others.

    • Thank you so much for your advice! I hope that everything I do now will make me a more confident person!


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  • I TOTALLY feel you, i'm still in the process of trying to gain self confidence too!
    --Every morning when I wake up I say to myself "you are beautiful".
    --I only look in a mirror when I really need to (like doing my hair, putting contacts in, brushing my teeth at some times).
    --When I see a girl who is prettier than me or at least who I THINK is prettier than me, I brush it off, and say to myself: why do I keep wishing I could be her? That won't change anything, if I wish to be her, will I be her? No. So why even bother. I can be myself and myself only, so lets make the best of it.
    --When someone compliments you, repeat the compliment to yourself and ACCEPT it, this sounds really self obsessed and boastful, but it isn't lol, lots of people compliment me, I say thank you, but in reality i'm ignoring it and brushing it off, like its some kind of habit, its like my mind refuses to believe other people, I only remember the few bad things that have been said about my looks, or I even make them up.
    --exercise, eat healthy, etc, all the effort you put into dieting and exercising and doing your makeup, not only shows, but since you were there to do all of it, if you spend time doing something to make you look better, only you spend 10 times longer doing it this one time, you will feel ten times prettier after, guaranteed.
    You are only what you believe yourself to be! Your self confidence has
    a LOT to do with the way others see you! So remember, to think positive
    and once you believe you're pretty from the bottom of your heart, others
    will see you that way too, don't just do it for others, do it for yourself and
    good luck, xx. :)

    • Wow that's awesome! Thank you so much! I'm definitely going to do this! I really appreciate it! And I totally understand about wanting to be her! I feel that way everyday! Thanks again so much!!!

    • No problem ^^, I was exactly in your shoes, and slowly i'm progressing and I feel so much better about myself! When I feel ugly, i'm so moody, and i can never enjoy myself!

    • Yes I feel the same way! Thanks again so much! Hopefully soon I will be where you are in self confidence! And I hope that you keep progressing!:) all the best of luck to you!

  • this is something i used to go through for years. but now i've found that little simple things can make you feel sexier! try taking relaxing baths with fun bubbles and candles, regular exercise (even a nice walk around the block), laughing more (i watch standup shows) and trying out new make-up and clothing styles. it won't come right away but over time you should feel more comfortable with yourself. also i like reading affirmations of positivity!

    • I will do all of this! And I hope that at least one makes me feel better!! thank you so much for your advice!

  • Lingerie, best thing I ever did. Not for your husband, for you. Go to a store, try on a bunch of different sexy ones and choose the one YOU like best. Wear it under your clothes for a little sexy secret.

  • U should go buy some clothes for yourself, clothes that u feel confident in. And take some time to enjoy yourself and make yourself happy. Take a walk, get a message or go get a pedicure.

    • Thank you! I'm going to try to do that! It's hard when you have a year old!:P thank you for your advice! Im definitely going to do something for myself and I can't wait to be a more confident woman!

  • Talk to him about it, especially if you're going through hard times.

    • I hope I clicked the like button to all of these answers! But yes thank you! I'm going to try all of these!! And I hope that it helps!!!:D