Ethnic stereotypes?

Ok I believe its safe to say out of the approximately 320+/- million people currently residing in the US, we have a significantly diverse population. While I'm relatively aware of a few ethnic stereotypes (as well as their propensity for being misleading or even altogether incorrect), I'm far from well versed and curious as to what other stereotypes (right or wrong) I may not be aware of as well as possibly gain some perspective from a diverse demographic. A few examples of what I'm referring to just to set the tone:

White men: can't dance
Asian women: flat/no butts
Hispanic men: lawn care etc...

I am in no way defending or proposing stereotyping and realize that some may view this as indignant or even racist. Rest assured knowing this is not my intent or my agenda. I'm just genuinely curious as to how one ethnicity perceives another. Everyone is welcome here and your input is appreciated.

Please do not attack others for their perceptions/perspective.
Please be kind/respectful.
Please be honest and share as much as possible.

Thanks in advance!!


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  • I feel left out, you have white men: hispanic men, but only Asian women wtf dude.

    But yeah I agree with the flat butts on Asian women, but I think they have bigger natural breasts compared to European women. But European women have better butts.


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  • You need a life!!!
    Stop trying to start shit between race and go fix your fucked up life cause tell you what honey, we all bleed the same and we all dying soon.

  • So.. What are some stereotype for girls like me?

    • I don't know. I'm just asking for an opinion, ways other people view different ethnicities. That's it? Im a white guy and am only aware of how some people view white guys and that's why/what I am asking.

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  • there r no stereos... every individual's different ;)

  • i agree with one part of your text - I am a white man and I can't dance