Just curious which celebrity do you think I look like or similar too?

Just curious which celebrity do you think i look like or similar too?

  • Jamie Dornan
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  • Chris Pratt
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  • Stephen Amell
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  • Other please state
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  • I think out of all these Stephen Amell is who comes closest, however I don't like comparing people to others - you're a unique individual and you look nice that's all that matters!

  • I honestly cannot think of any celebrity that resembles you in a way :/

  • None of the above? Can't think of one you look like though

  • None at all and that's a good thing in my opinion ur a very attractive guy

    • thanks i thought it would be cool to see if i had a lookalike for fun

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    • oh i see lol so you must get mistaken all the time must be annoying

    • It can be annoying but most of the time I don't mind the funniest thing that happend was when my boyfriend snuck in through my sisters bedroom window we were 15 at the time she broke up with him for me

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