Guys, Guys I could use your opinion?

Guys, Guys I could use your opinion?
Guys, I'm anon as I don't want my friend to accidentally see this. She's older than me and doesn't believe in this sort of thing. This is her picture from several years ago. She thinks guys don't think she's attractive. I tried telling her, its not that she just needs to smile and talk to them. She's kinda shy. So help me out. If you find her pretty. Click on the yes vote button. If you want to add some useful advice for her, so ahead. Maybe she will believe you guys.

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  • she's ok, just not my type
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Sorry the photo is slightly blurry. I took it without her knowing... She has blue eyes you just can't tell from that.
Thanks guys. I think I got enough to ensure her cooperation for some plans...


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  • She's not unattractive but that is a really bad picture.

    • Tell me about it. That's my phone taking a shot of a picture. Sorry but thanks for taking the time to assure her. Once she gets over me doing this... She will thank me and stop procrastinating and talk to some men. She's 31 and not getting and younger and wants kids.

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    • Lol! I'm hoping this will do the trick but... I'll keep that option in mind.

    • I'll give you a discount for being awesome... and being the first person to take me up on the offer.

      Plus she looks a bit like a woman I dated that was really awesome so I may be a tad biased.

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  • It looks like a painting but she looks nice

  • She's ok but the picture quality is quite bad. Average looking but definitely not ugly

    • Yeah sorry about that. Maybe after I show her this now that I've got some evidence its all in her head she'll let me post a better and updated pic.

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    • haha yeah probably, as even you're older than me... I was not serious

    • I know. Just a joke.

  • If your friend is not supposed to "accidentally see this" then how is any advice going to be useful? Since you're anon you could just say it's you, you know. Nobody will particularly care a lot.

    • I don't want her to see it until I had evidence. She gets upset sometimes. And no its not me. I look totally different from her. I wish I had her blue eyes.

  • That photo is really blurry. I thought you were going to ask if the photo was haunted by a ghost.

    • Sorry. I don't have a better one. She'd probably kill me as it is for taking this one. I kinda sneaked and took a pic of a pic with my phone... Lol!

    • Kinda sneaked, "several years ago". Uh huh..

    • She had pulled out an album and was showing them to us.

  • This looks like a painting...

  • I thought that was an oil painting bruh.

    • Nope. It's a real photo.

  • It's a painting

    • No, I believe its a cruise photo she took on vacation but I'd have to confirm that.