Girls, how and where can I learn to put makeup like a pro, please?

I have a lot of flaws. I want to know how to enhance my face every morning. Please.


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  • Trust me when I say, there is a youtube video out there for you. Try to be specific when you look for help... type in, I need help covering my bad skin, or a scar, or whatever followed by whatever it is your skin type or race or whatever is. Youtube is a huge community and you may feel like you're alone, but there are so many girls out there like you or who feel like you, that have put helpful stuff up.

  • You tube has a lot of videos on this subject. What I do, is simple, takes only 15-20mins, skin and eyes focus. Invest in nice natural looking foundation and a little bit of bronzer, apply eyeliner and mascara to enhance eyes. Less is more, remember that.

    • Can you suggest me natural looking foundation, please?

    • Mineral foundation, I have a very sensitive skin and this foundation doesn't make me breakout and its pretty good coverage: The only problem is, its Australian and very hard to get elsewhere so I'm not sure where you are and if its possible to get it. Most natural mineral ones should be similar. I use both, liquid and powder for better coverage. Another great foundation but not so natural which I sometimes use is Rimmel London Lasting Finish, great product, doesn't break me out and wow super good coverage all day, a little goes a long way, don't need much of it. Hope that helps :)

    • Sure it helped! Thats great. Im in USA. Thank you.

  • One tip that i wish someone had told me sooner was to get a good face primer. It can help to smooth pores, keep make up in place and reduce shine!

    • Thank you. Do you know which face primer is a good one, please?

    • Smashbox do a few different ones that suit different skin types, I've used them before.
      Clarins do one that is quite good also i think its called beauty flash balm? Something like that.
      Most make up companies will do a primer, it's just looking to see which one fits your skin type.

    • Thank you. Very much.

  • Sephora and ulta are great places to go for help

    • What about mac? Thank uou

    • Yeah also Mac. I always forget about one because they one in my town is far away

  • look for tutorials on youtube... that's how i learn lol

    • But I don't find my skin type...
      How did those person on youtube learned it?

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    • I guess you just have to try to find your skin type. I'm learning right now too. Some of the makeup websites will try and match your skin type to their products. Not sure how well it works. If you want I can give you a link to the website and you can try it out.

    • Please give me the link. And thank u!

  • YouTube tutorials will help immensely

    • Where did the youtube people learn it?