Girls, Rate me please (1-10)?

The photo is on my avatar.

I think I fall into averageness, but I'd like to hear opinions, just for fun.

Also, what do you think is the single thing I could change about my look to make myself look more attractive?

Oh and, people tell me I should smile in pictures, I tried but think it looks forced. :\


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  • I'd say you're slightly above average, maybe like 6.5/10, it's hard to put a number on it, but you look quite good. You look like Shaggy from Scooby Doo, hahah. 😛


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  • You're a 7 for me. You look ok the way you are. Just trim your hair a little shorter i guess. And try to sleep more! You dont want fifty shades of dark circles do you haha

    • Haha, fifty shades of dark circles. Thanks. I think it's just genetics or something, I have them even when I get enough sleep. Now, it funny when I send a pic to someone and they ask me why I use makeup, but it's less funny when a doctor thinks I'm doing drugs. I even considered going to some kind of cosmetic treatment because of that, but that's not my top priority right now.

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    • Really? Lol i didn't know that. You're anon here so i can't. Maybe can search by username?

    • You can try clicking on any nickname then replace the nickname part in the url with now_we_know. I'd post a link, but that also requires 2 xper. :\

  • 6/10, you should smile more perhaps.

  • You're a hottie