I look drunk here but how?

I was drunk lol and it shows but what is it? I can't put my finger on it haha
I look drunk here but how?

After lol


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  • Perhaps your eyes look a little "hollow" but last week I've seen a friend of mine drink 4 beers of 33 cl each and 8% alcohol. Like these, it's called Duvel.
    I can tell you: he looked 7 times more drunk than you do.
    He fffffpoke wiffff his tungggggg deep in hifffffff throat!
    Sentence may be hard to read but he sounded as bad as this hahaha 8)

    • Lmao xD
      He must have been so gone!

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    • Thanks for the MH Alex... just keep it sober and thumbs up you become happy with your guy (saw some questions about him) :D

    • Thanks! :)

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