Let make someone's day?

If you're having a bad day or have low self esteem then this is the game for you
Comment your name then compliment the person above you


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  • Hmm, well since there are no guys yet... I shall so compliment you @CrayolaCupcake
    I have to say, after totally creeping on your answers and questions (no shame-- but I swear I'm not THAT creepy), you seem like a cool person I'd totally hang out with and watch anime all day with. Well, uhh, that is if you watch anime. I swear I'm not a weeboo haha.

    Anyway, it is awesome that you have 15 games on Steam. I respect PC gamers because I am a console gamer myself. I tried making a switch to PC, but it was too difficult and so I ended up using a PS3 controller with my PC (--some shame involved). Plus I have a Mac so my game choices are pretty limited (--extreme shame involved).

    Also, you are cute too and seem down to earth. Being xper 5, it is cool that you are willing to help people out on G@G.

    TL;DR; So while I do not know you personally, CrayolaCupcake, you are an awesome person.

    • Aww, thanks so much! And actually I don't watch much anime but I do read manga. :) *pushes hipster glasses up* It's less... mainstream. Oooh a Mac? Tsk I've lost all respect for you. Anyway, thanks for the compliments. :)


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  • Name-Eli
    You seem like a cool person a little weord tho lol

  • How the fk do I know who is on top of me


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  • Ok, so it's @dangerDoge 's day I'm gonna make today. You don't have a clear picture of you so I can't say about looks. I think it's awesome that you can play guitar, drums and bass and the fact that you can also create your own music. By the way you describe yourself on your prifile you sound like a nice, helpful and creative guy. I hope I did make your day. :)

  • Hm. @mustachekitteh is incredibly cool for playing all those PC games, I wish I could be as cool of a gamer as her. Like wow I'm a little jealous you're so amazing. :) I have like 15 games on Steam I never play... all of my friends are gamers so I feel a little left out. :P

    • @CrayolaCupcake thank you. :) majority of the games I've played are thanks to Emulators I have on my pc. You should give them a try. Like the DS emulator is Desmume, Then I have PPSSPP v1.0.1 for the psp, then for ps2 PCSX2 1.2.1, and Project 64 The rest of the games are on my wii which I think you can get for like $80 or less. Even more on black Friday .

    • You're welcome. Thanks for the advice, I have a bit of a random laptop, so I don't know how many things i can run on it. Good idea though! :) I'll see what happens when I can get a better pc.

  • What if there isn't someone above me?

    • I'll just use your name :D Well like your username says you are a very beautiful girl. Though it should say beautiful woman. I know that last line was cheesy :D