Would a girl like me?

I am a 14 year old boy, and I was wondering if a girl would have any reson to like me. I am extremely skinny (95lbs), I have a bad slouch (I am trying to fix that btw), I have unusually large/bushy eyebrows, and messy hair that won't stay down. I also have bright blue eyes, and high cheek bones. I have a good personality, however. I am funny and kind, and I love to have fun. Based on all this, would I be good enough for a girl? If you want anymore info, I can post more. Also, does anyone have any confidence tips? I should probably add that I am absolutily terrified of girls.
I am sorry if I did something wrong with this post, I have never used this site before.


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  • I would date you for sure! Im 14 and new to this sight too. Sorry I am putting this on anonymous though... Im kind of shy.

    • I am also very shy, and I aloo planned on using anonymous, although I am unsure if my question still says Anonymous or not. Either way, like I said in my quesrtion, I am terrified of girls. I have never had a girlfriend, and there are only about 3 girls in my school I am actually friends with. I am also afraid of strangers of course, and so I went through 13 years with about two friends...

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    • I am @demon_catz
      I have never used twitter before by the way, so I have no idea what I am doing...

    • I ship it!


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  • Well I've never had a boyfriend but if you asked and I sort of knew you I'd say yes. Don't worry about being skinny, you will probably gain weight once you get further into puberty.

    Are you terrified of girls in general or just the girls that you like? And by the way kind guys are rare these days so most girls would probably love to be with you! And you can ask me anything if you need to!

    • Mostly girls in general, although I often get panic attacks around the one I like...

  • yes they will.


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  • Lot of young guys are shy starting off. Girls will like you when they get to know you I think.