Guys, What is a 'pretty girl '?

I want to know what does a pretty girl look like in a guys opinion, I mean I get that we all aren't the same but what do your specifically like? I'm not saying guys shoud like girls for what they look like, but I think it should be what's on the inside that matters most.

Say I have straight dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I wouldn't consider myself ' special ' because I have NEVER had a boyfriend. Is it because of my looks?

  • I prefer Blonds
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  • I prefer Brunettes
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  • I prefer Black Haired girls
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  • I prefer Slim Girls
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  • I prefer Large Girls
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  • I prefer Personality more than Looks
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  • If it is you on the profile pic. You are really beautiful.
    But I think the thing before preferring blondes or brunettes or any type of girl is that that girl should love you, be loyal to you and not someone you thinks of you as a random guy. But you should also love her too if you don't love her or she dosen't love you it is not a relationship at all.
    I think you have really beautiful brown hair and you are slim and have a cute face.
    So according to looks you are beautiful and every guy would dream of such a good looking girlfriend.
    But who knows you are not getting the guys because they are not their type and they don't love you.
    Or you don't love them. It could also be that they are shy to ask you about your feelings.
    So you will get somebody as there is someone for everyone in this world.
    And hey you look like you are from sydney.


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