Should I dye my hair?

Should I dye my hair?

I was thinking something like to dye my hairtips to some kind of pastel colour. I need your help. Should I dye or not?

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Guys, I can see you don't agree with this. Somebody tell me why?
Feels like many of you thinks I shouldn't do it. But somehow I feel like it would make me feel better and feel more like ME the person with the personality I feel like I am and have. So, in the end this is my desission and many of you might think "why did I asked this question, if I'd do it anyway?" Well, the answer is that I was unsure about this but @Ashely_Princess and @fauchelevent made me realise that I want to do it and I will. So thank you so much girls for supporting me :)


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  • Yeah i would say go for it and do it , hey what you got to lose
    i like the colors and i think different hair color is unique compared
    to the same colors your used to seeing.. :D

    • Yeah :) you're the first male who is supportive to me in my "project" :D thank you for that
      I just think I'm gonna do it and the reasons can be seen in my latest update up there ↑

    • Trust me it makes no difference to me when I'm dating a girl
      on what color hair she wears.. i think all girls should be free
      to wear their way they want and I wish you good luck :) :D

    • Thank You for Mho :) :D

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  • Do as you wish.
    Change is good, but it's not ALWAYS for the best.

  • Sure do it!

  • Do it! :) It's what I'm going to do soon for a wedding I have to go to.

    • Could you do a take about it? :) and mention my name in it cuz I'd love to see it :) ♥

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    • Okay :) Is it okay if I message you?

    • Sure, no problem.

  • I say do it. I loved to dye my hair into blue. Parents did not allow. Now I am kinda regretful ^^
    You can try hair chalk first, they you can do it :)

  • Yess! I last time dyed my hairtips orange/red like fire 😍
    You have blue eyes apparently, do it blue pastel.
    Blonde and blue with blue eyes will be lovely I guess.

  • Yeah, you should do it if you want :P

  • Pastel pink goes well with blonde hair.

  • I think it looks trashy when someone dyes it an unnatural color unless you really take care of it.