Is it a bad thing for a daughter to look more like the father?

People always tell me I take a lot after my father, I dunno if I should take that as a compliment or whatever. Does it mean I look masculine or what :s?


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  • It only means that when you look at your features, the resemblance of many of them, such as your eye color and/or shape, is closer to your father's features than your mothers. It includes face shape, complexion, skin coloring, shape of ears, shape of nose, etc. But it has nothing to do with masculinity or femininity.

    You can look a lot like your mother, or more like your father. Or you may look totally different from both of them.


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  • i don't look a lot like my father.. but i do take more from him then my mom.. so i don't think it is bad..

  • i think there's nothing wrong with it... a kid should look like his/her parent

    • Haha yeah definitly, but I always assumed it also meant I looked more masculine or something

    • you don't have to worry its better than someone saying that you don't look like any of your parents