Getting over my insecurity?

In all honesty I am a pretty hairy guy. I have hairy arms, legs, armpits, and torso. I am used to it by now, have never shaved those areas, but I just can't help but feel insecure. I am 16 and one of the hairiest guy I know. My girlfriend doesn't mind, but she still makes jokes from time to time. My friends and dad joke around about it too, and I normally don't care, but recently my hairiness has started to bother me. I went swimming with my SO yesterday and I was terrified of raising my arms because then she would see my hairy armpits. I felt so embarrassed getting out of the water because it made my pale blond hair really obvious.
How can I get over this?


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  • Your girlfriend doesn't mind so it can't be that bad - Stick with it for a while and if it remains a problem think about hair removal


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  • It's natural for guys to have armpit hair, all guys have it.
    You can trim your pit hair and buy a hair removal lotion for your body. Make sure it's safe for the body and not just the face.
    It mat feel weird at first, but you will get used to it after a while of using it.

  • Wow, blonde and hairy lol.. must feel like looking at the sun.

    • Blond and hairy and pale lol
      I've always joked that if I get lost on one of my hikes I'll just take off my shirt; my whiteness is like a blinding beacon!

    • Blinding beacon LMFAO
      That made my day.

  • That's masculine man embrace it I'm 20 years old with a baby mustache and barely any hair

  • You can shave some parts of your body if you want. I do.

    Here answer this and take your mind off your insecurity