How do I really look?

How do i really look ?
Hi , i just wanted to do this :D be honest and brutal. Tell me how i really look. You can say anything you want girls.

  • You look ugly.
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  • You look fine
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  • You look atttactive
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  • You are a handsome guy
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  • You look half Asian.

    • I am turanid :D a real blood turkish guy so its kind of right. Turks were living at middle asia. Thanks pal

    • Ohhh in my mind I'm thinking half Asian and half white haha

    • Did you think half european half Asian nahhh lol
      . I am turanid and i really proud of with it xd and yes i know i have slanting eyes

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  • I think you look good only thing for me would be thin eyebrows a bit but really it is a tiny thing just for something to say.

  • Do you have a headache?
    *offers paracetamol*