Cutest disney prince/princess couple?

Cutest disney prince/princess couple?

Also, Rapunzel and Flynn and others I didn't name. Not sure if most of them are considered princes/princesses, but oh well...

  • Ariel and Eric
    11% (2)17% (1)12% (3)Vote
  • Pocahontas and John Smith
    5% (1)0% (0)4% (1)Vote
  • Mulan and Shang
    11% (2)17% (1)12% (3)Vote
  • Jasmine and Aladdin
    16% (3)17% (1)16% (4)Vote
  • Tarzan and Jane
    21% (4)33% (2)24% (6)Vote
  • Belle and the Beast
    26% (5)0% (0)20% (5)Vote
  • Tiana and Naveen
    10% (2)16% (1)12% (3)Vote
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  • Its definitely out of Ariel/Eric, Jasmine/Aladdin, and Rapunzel/Flynn Rider. Like everyone in those couples were just beautiful!!! I loved Tarzan and Jane together but haed his humpback and dreads lol. I like that Pocahontas and John Smith were an interracial couple. John is bae :) Naveen was sexy and Aurora was pretty. Shang was sort of a jerk at times. Gorgeous, but jerkish.

    • Ariel, Jasmine, and Aurora are the prettiest princesses to me. Yea I can see how all the disney men you named are handsome. It kinda sucks that Pocahontas and John didn't get much votes. I'm not sure if its because they're interracial, or she's just not cute enough compared to the other princesses lol.

      I see Eric as having been the most in love after all the crazy crap he went through at the end of Little Mermaid. Rider had to be the funniest. Aladdin was simply the most interesting to watch. Tarzan was the toughest and most stubborn. John Smith was the bravest. Naveen was sorta cocky lol

    • Lol you're on point haha and thanks for MhO

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  • I voted for Jasmine and Aladdin

  • Rapunzel and Flynn
    I loved that movie!

    Naveen is hilarious though

  • Voted for Mulan... I'm indifferent as to the couples but they deffinatly had the best songs... all be it that they werent romantic or anything... in all of disney.

    • Lol they were more romantic in Part II

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    • If I'm lucky one of the friends will turn out to be a girl.. thus making the muscle oiling session less gay. Honest.

    • Lmao I also thought that movie made Shang look a bit gay haha