What nationality do I look like?

What nationality do I look like?

While your at it, answers these questions:
2. How old do I look?
3. Rate 1-10
4. Do I look like a stoner? LOL
5. What type of music do you like? And what artist?

I know I don't look good in this picture, but I hate pictures so yeah... I might post a better one later, maybe


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  • 1) hispanic.. not sure what nationality
    3) I don't like rating people with numbers.. bleh.. but you're perfect.
    4) hell no? just please SMILE! :D
    5) I love indie/blues. hozier, coldplay, two door cinema club,
    i also love indie-pop. Ingrid michaelson, American authors.. many more
    happy day to you.

    • I am actually 15 years old. And I can't smile because I have ugly teeth.

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    • well.. i did too but i realized im awesome the way i am.. and i think you should surround yourself with goodness and feel great the way you are. plus you look great. so please kick your insecurities in their backs! :) smile it can do wonders.. im sure you've great teeth!

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  • Mexican or Spanish of some sorts.
    Or Italian mixed


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