What is it with all these white people constantly asking about hair and eye color?

First off, the overwhelming majority of the human race has black/brown hair and brown eyes. Secondly IT'S JUST A COLOR. It doesn't make you any more or less beautiful, it is literally just a hair color, your facial features look just as beautiful or ugly regardless of your hair color. Lastly, asking questions like those basically implies that you are closed off to dating any race outside of white people because nobody else has those hair or eye colors except whites.


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  • 1, Umm, they want an ego boost + to feel superior to those who don't display those features. Since they know that ___ could never get them (naturally speaking) YET on the other hand, everyone loves them all because of those very same said "features" HAHA. Which is why they're so quick to BRAG about them. Ya know as a way to make you feel bad about yourself or at least try to ^_^


    2, To know where they stand on the "universally attractive totem pole". For example "blue eyed blondes are quite the catch to most of the world more so than your average brunette with brown eyes", right? So I guess they figure "if they have umm let me see... red hair with blue eyes that they're going to be pretty good looking to most people (I hope that made as much sense as it did in my mind... if not I look pretty stupid right now LOL)

    3. They're insecure or whatever about people finding redheads to be more attractive than plain jane blondes on average LOL

    I think that covers it


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  • It's probably just because they're used to that much variety.

    What gets to me is those who ask whether or not they're attractive without a picture but by simply describing themselves as having this hair color and that eye color etc, when anyone with those hair and eye color combination can still look ugly despite having good stereotypes about them. The colors themselves just really don't matter, at least to me. It seems like they just want you to connect them to those stereotypes and imagine for yourself an attractive person with those hair and eyes and tell them in turn that they are indeed attractive. -.-

  • They are just here for attention. IT's not just about hair colour. They would normally post a few more questions about their looks in general and ask people to rate their looks. :P

  • Lmao.. the title though !

  • I'm a little confused I'm not tryin to be hostile but I just have no idea what ur saying. Like if I'm online and don't know what the person looks like and I ask what color are your eyes? Is that what ur getting at?

    • read my post and it may help ya out ^_^

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    • Okay now I understand but ur saying it's racist because some role have black hair?

    • Umm... no? I never said anything about whites being racist. I'm simply saying that white people ask these questions constantly with seeming disregard for the fact that 90% of the world population doesn't have variations in hair and eye color. It shows that their main concerns for physical features lie within their own race rather than the human race as a whole.

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  • The Japanese and South Koreans heavily disagree with that statement.


    • Dude I live in Korea. Most of them have black hair and the ones that don't usually die it a caramel brown color.

    • I don't know how this is getting upvotes. Not every Asian looks like that lol. You guys watch too much anime. Like I said before I LIVE in Korea and I'm dating a Korean. 85% of them have black hair, another 13% have a brown/caramel hair color and then the other 2% have colors like that. Those colors in that pic aren't even natural either, anyone can have those hair colors.

  • I don't have facts but I presume whites are quite a low fraction of world's population so very good point - Must admit I never made link before.

    • Yea whites are the smallest of the 3 major ethnic groups. Mongoloid, Negroid, and Caucasoid.

  • I disagree with everything you wrote, but I understand that it feels irrelevant to you personally. Maybe you should just ignore those questions.

  • Its not just a color. It does make you more beautiful. You're such a racist you know that?
    Besides that, every single woman on this planet cares about her looks constantly, trying to show something different and asking how she looks.

  • Shut up racist