Is my back toned?

Is my back toned?

I take pride in the fact that I can build half decent things 😂 #itworks #stillwobbly #15

I ask because it's one of the body areas that I can't really see and judge on a daily basis. Also does anyone know of any calisthenics work outs that help back muscle?


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  • I used to do hyperextensions with a medicine ball, that built my back up and I was a highjumper so needed a very strong back :)

    • Thanks! It's really the only part of my body that I haven't paid attention too, simply because I don't see it 😂

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    • For him its same rule, chin above the bar but knees to be in line with his hips. its a harder weight, he has to do them with fingers pointing away and towards him, both ways so all muscles are used too... if fingers are pointing towards him, his hands must be in line with his shoulders so his arms are fully straight when on the drop.

    • personally i like crawling underneath him and putting him on my shoulders to annoy him hahahaha

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  • Calisthenics, no. Only works if you have enough mass there, Go for deadlift, good mornings and well yea chin up.

    And yea your back is pretty toned


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  • Your back looks good