Best treatment for body acne?

Not entirely sure if this is the right place to put my question, but here goes.

I have acne on my shoulders and back, does anyone else have this? I've been using body wash designed to treat it, but it isn't helping as much as I'd like. I also just started taking a birth control that has been proven to aid in acne. I also use Neutrogena Oil-free toner/astringent which is good for my face, but not so much back because I can't get it all as easily. Are there any products out there that performed miracles?


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    This is a myTake that I wrote & it may help.

    • Thank you for the link! Very insightful. I know I definitely should keep up on changing my sheets and pillowcase more often.

    • Same here! They said only use your pillow case for one week, and that's the
      Minimum. You can get two weeks out of it by switching to the other side for the second week. Also I just read recently about baking soda for acne & you can put baking in a bath & that could help. It's a half cup of baking soda & you have to soak for 15-20 minutes.

    • Thanks for MHO, and good luck with the acne!


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  • Are you sure it's acne? Go see a dermatologist. It may be dermatitis or keratosis pilaris. I had keratosis pilaris for a long time and it fucked up my self-esteem. Though that was long ago, maybe they have better treatments now...

    • When i was younger I did have tiny red bumps on my arms, and that might have been Keratosis but I thankfully grew out of it so I know how that feels.

      No I'm almost 100% positive my back just has acne, mainly cysts and larger more painful pimples that take longer to get rid of. I really should go see a dermatologist to make sure and see if there's any quick fix, but I'm not entirely sure if my parent's health insurance covers a visit.

  • Lowering stress

    • Easier said then done my friend

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  • I cannot think of any treatments but I know how you can prevent some of it. Dont eat greasy foods. Try eating healthier. Wash your face every morning you wake up :)

    • I don't eat greasy foods and I do wash my face twice daily, I shower every day, I think a lot of it can be genetic or hormonal.

  • I don't get acne like that but my sister does. She uses this Indian clay mask and it helps a lot for her. Maybe it's something you're eating or not eating that's causing this too.