Girls, need your honest opinion on these jeans, how do they look?

I think these jeans fit a little tight but look really good. But I want opinions from a girl point of view on how they look to you. Good, bad, aweful, hott? Thank you!

Girls, need your honest opinion on these jeans, how do they look?

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  • They look neither good or bad
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  • They look bad on you
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  • They look extremely horrible on you, never wear them again
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And you are? I'm a GirlGuys can not vote on this poll
Just want to say thank you to all you girls who have given me this vast amount of negative... mean... hateful... and overall nutt degrading feedback! And the 19 people who make for 50% of all voters, telling me that I look extremely terrible wearing these jeans. Thank you girls! Maybe 1 single vote for "looks good" might make me feel even better! But whatever! Thank you!


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  • sorry man - just way too tight

    • They still fit me though...

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    • Omg, do not talk to this creep, you will just regret it. Why the hell would you want to talk to some messed up guy who chooses to wear girls jeans so tight that his nuts are crushed and obviously in excruciating pain. He is clearly mental if that is what he wants to wear. Avoid him.

    • No i am not😔 sorry if being hated on by people like you for the clothing i enjoy wearing causes me to need to seek someones advice who actually has the maturity and compassion to help block people like you out of my mind. God. Am i really the mental one for not wearing the jeans you want me to? Or are you the mental one for not realizing that everyone likes different things, and they should do what they like, not what someone else likes. Maybe you wear shoes I don't like, so now you are officially declared mental, why the hell would you wear shoes I don't like? You're just a disgusting mentally unstable member of society for not wearing only the shoes I prefer, you pothetic creep. I hope I am correctly judging you @PurplePickles333 I believe that is exactly what you correctly judge people though, i mean that is how you judge me, so obviously my judgment for you is spot on.👌🏻


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  • That is really bad. They are way too tight. They look like they've been painted on you. Sorry to be so blunt but needed to be said

    • Well thank you for the honesty.

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    • Didn't you comment on my second time asking, and you said you wouldn't even be able to look at me in public wearing these cause of just how horrible they looked to you or something? You are harsh :(

    • Nvm, im wrong.

  • Ew oh my god you look like you just got back from the gay parade. Skinny jeans are for girls, and even if a guy were to get away with wearing them he wouldn't be overweight as you definitely are. You look like seth rogen.

    • If this is how you treat random people when you are on your period, please keep your grumpy meaningless insults out of my post, and take your mood swings to a private chat with me, thank you!

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    • Stfu you pothetic panty wearing coward, Stfu now! Okay? Every single girl finds your girly nut crushing jeans disgusting and find you worthless as a man. @MissMc3 has the balls that you lack to assert herself to you and make you regret your words. You will give her your complete respect, okay? And you are going to apologize for your disrespect, now, okay? You are never going to talk to her like that ever again, okay Mr. Nutless? :)

    • @PurplePickles333 Fine, ok... I am really sorry for disrespecting you @MissMc3 honestly. I was wrong to for saying what I did and you do not deserve to be treated that way by me. I promise you that it will never happen again and I will show the most respect for you and Pickles... 😔

  • They're too tight, they look like they're painted on. To be honest, I'd avoid looking because it's not attractive in the least.

    • Well that was kinda mean 😔

    • Well, you asked for an honest opinion.

    • Im sorry again for coming off like that to you and accusing you of something I shouldn't have. I was being immature and I am sorry. I just felt I needed to apologize to you. Thank you.

  • I'm sorry but I think they're too tight for you.

    • I dont think they are... I i know they fit a little tighter than the jeans other guys normally wear, but i dont see anything wrong with them

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    • Well thank you, thats what i want others to think

    • You're welcome :)

      There are some people who will think like me and others who don't. But you shouldn't care about what they say.
      The jeans and the body are yours, so you can wear what you want.

  • You look like a bitch

  • your a bitch plain and simple, you look like a twat