Why do people assume "exotic looking" white women are from Europe?

Why when people see a Cacausian woman who looks unique to them they automatically think she's from Europe? For one thing it is kind of silly to generalize a whole contient but that's not my issue. Again Europe is a whole contient. There are so many countries in Europe with so many people. European Cacausian girls while many may look different than Cacausian girls of other contients that doesn't mean that every "exotic" looking Cacausian girl is from there. I've seen Caucasian girls who have "exotic" looks, but look nothing like European Cacausian girls. That's like seeing a very dark skinned black woman and saying she must be from Africa. Lol.


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  • Europeans came to the Americas. So technically along some lines, they're European

    • Europeans have spread out everywhere like other nations. I can tell a white woman's not from America, but that doesn't automatically make her from Europe.

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    • @Asker - how can I tell? What are the distinct differences that stand out to you per Caucasian ethnicity? I'd like to know and understand also. I'm white and I've never known the secret. Never cared until now, but still , I'm intrigued now.

    • @Gojira Go to your opinion.


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  • I don't see any difference between white American women and white European women

    • Neither do I. 👍

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    • I told you in your opinion.

    • Yeah i saw your response to that. Didn't really answer my question but thanks for taking time to respond anyway. I was interested for awhile. Not anymore. Thanks 😊

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  • I've never seen an exotic looking Caucasian woman. What does one look like? Can you give example of some celebrity white woman you feel looks "exotic"?

    • Ok. I see link you posted below. That woman looks like several hundred thousand white women I've seen right here in America. And exotic women to me have various darker skin colors.

      Everyone has different opinions on looks. Mine of her are hardly exotic no matter her ethnic origins and I've easily seen better looking white women.

      What makes her exotic in your eyes? Just curious.

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    • Yeah that doesn't make sense to me. Basically anything that isn't white is abnormal to you. That sounds kind of racist to me. Sorry, but it does. Not all Asians are dark. I've seen Asians who are as light as white people. Not only that but I've seen many dark black girls who didn't look foreign to me at all. Though I will say I've seen women who I didn't think were exotic, but literally were. So maybe it's hard to tell sometimes, but what I was saying was that not me but other guys on here saw a white woman and thought she was exotic. It doesn't matter what you think or what I think. They saw her as foreign. So get that in your head first. Fuck your opinion and mine. They said she looked foreign. They thought she was exotic. Got it? You sure? Okay.

      Now here's my question: Why when people see a white woman that they think is foreign or exotic they think she's automatically from Europe? Sure there are plenty of white women in Europe but there are white women in other parts

    • of the world as well. That's my question. Sorry if I seem harsh, but you really are missing the point.

      By the way I don't consider Native Americans (how are they foreign if literally their ethnic group name means from here?) or Asians or Latinos foreign. I don't. America has more immigrants than anyone. Latinos and Asians are very common here. I guess if they were originally born in another country they would technically be foreign, but exotic? No. Though I guess it depends on the Asian. Regardless that's not really the point of the question like I said.

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    • Kind of true, but not really. For example there are a loooot of whites in South Africa and I can tell the difference between a white South African female and a American female. Other people are just stupid? Is that relevant?

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    • aye, that is exactly what exotic means :)

    • But plenty of these girls while they may look exotic don't look like they are from where people say they are from.

  • Okay then.

  • white south Africans vis a vis europeans look the same. it's a fair assumption.

    • Not really. And if they do then why do people automatically assume a foreign white woman is from Europe? Why not Africa? If they see a foreign white women they say "You look European." Why nobody says African?

    • Human nature.

    • What do you mean?

  • Where else do very dark skinned black women originate from?

    • Depends on their ancestry. I'm black but have Native American and white roots. Where did I come from?

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    • lol!

    • @Opinin Owner - I think relieve hug based on pollution/numbers. Maybe not migrations. But in think by numbers, pretty accurate. My opinion.