Girls, I have stretch marks on my butt and im only 13 . How do I get rid of them?


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  • There are some mytakes on here from people explaining how to get rid of them, you might want to try some of those things and see if it works or if it will lighten them.

    There's also more i've seen.

    Don't worry about them, when I hit puberty, my boobs and butt and hips got bigger so I got stretch marks but they went away after like a year, it's perfectly normal and you will even get them off and on as an adult sometimes.


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  • Time, honey. They fade. You're okay. I have stretch marks too - and 13 is when I got the majority of mine. Don't worry.

  • It's normal to get stretch marks at puberty and they will fade however I strongly disapprove of you lying about you age on this site. I feel uncomfortable that a person or anyone might casually flirt with you because they might misinterprete your age. I personally like Wemon and if I hit on someone because their profile says 18-24 and turned out they were 13 I'd be pissed. So I recommend changing that