What do you think of this picture of my ass?

What do you think of this picture of my ass?


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  • It's a little grainy, but has a good use of soft focus. It's intriguing that the the lower portions of the subject are in shadow will the upper portion of the subject is bathed in diffuse, natural light.
    The composition of the subject is noteworthy in an artistic sense. The close proximity of the viewer implies a significant level of intimacy, while having the subject turned away suggests and emotional distance. This is the fundemental tension in the photograph.

    That answers the question: "What do you think of this picture of my ass?"

    Now, to answer the question I think you meant to ask: "What do you think of my ass?"

    You have a nice ass.


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  • Mostly I feel bad for you that you keep posting pics of it.

    That makes me think about what kind of person continually posts their ass on a question site geared toward teenagers.

    And then I start laughing at the idea that you're a creepy dude posting tons of stolen pics and reveling in all your male attention. You can tell me the truth Anon ;)


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