Guys, anyone else notice all the misleading/poorly shot pictures people post here?

I am mostly referring to the girls since they post the most pictures. Many times when they post a rate me picture it's frequently shot at a weird angle, or it's zoomed in too close so you can't see the girl's whole body, or otherwise shot in a way that doesn't give you an accurate view of the person. This is annoying to me cause it is SO EASY to take a straightforward picture and yet these girls either do not know how to do that, or they are deliberately taking deceptive pictures.

I have seen girls literally post pictures where they are rotated 45 degrees and you can only see HALF their face. Yes half their face and the post is titled "Am I attractive? :)" Gee I don't know if you're attractive cause I can't tell what's going on in this awfully taken picture.

Am I the only one noticing this? Has our youth become that blind to the basic elements of photography?


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  • I notice this too and find it annoying. It's like they're afraid to reveal how they look. If they're afraid to reveal their look then don't ask these rate me questions. For some reason they just don't understand that.


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  • There's some insecure people looking for reinforcement. They may not want to expose themselves more than a certain amount. So I don't think it's so bad as long as people are being honest and OP isn't deluding themselves into thinking some kind of way that may be detrimental to them ultimately. And then there's attention seekers.

  • Also asking if they are fat when they weigh 100 pounds. Ridiculous

    • Yeah this too it's insane the twisted way girls see their bodies... what the heck happened to them man

    • Lots of insecure people out there and attention seekers