How simple "rate me/how do I look"?

How simple

You can put a 1-10 if you feel like it. The poll is kept simple. Post comments if you want, they are always appreciated. That's it!

  • Attractive
    15% (2)17% (2)16% (4)Vote
  • Nuetral
    69% (9)25% (3)48% (12)Vote
  • Not attracted to you (sorry!)
    16% (2)58% (7)36% (9)Vote
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PS: DONT BE AFRAID OF BEING HONEST. You aren't going to hurt my feelings, I promise. It will just give me more incentive to go to the gym, and get a better figure and hopefully it can tone out my facial features too.


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  • Frankly, I would say just average. I think you have some potential though if you work on it like you mentioned. I wouldn't say anything strikes me as being "ugly" persay, but I think it could definitely benefit you to tone out your facial features and such.

    • Thank you for the input, that will give me more incentive to keep working out a bit. I'm out of shape, I'd like to well... not be.

    • No prob :D
      I probably even sounded harsher in my answer than I needed to be. On the whole, you look fine.

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