Do skin moisturizers really help you look younger?


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  • They can knock a few years off your face if you apply them regularly. But that will only be apparent when you're 30+. It won't make you look 12 if you're 25.

    • But what if you are 18 and want to look like 16-Is it possible to acheive that?

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    • After using moisturizers are you supposed to wash the skin after 1 and an half hour until it gets inside the skin and leave or should i wash my face with water?(i'm wondering becuse i want to know if i'm doing it right since it's my first time using skin moisturizers)

    • You're not supposed to wash off moisturisers at all. Just wash your face in the morning and apply the moisturiser. Then leave it. Then wash your face in the evening and apply the moisturiser again. Then leave it again.

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  • I honestly believe in healthy living - Lots of fruit and water.


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  • Not sure about moisturizers, but wearing sunscreen and protecting your skin from the sun will definitely help you look younger as you age.


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