Which version of this photo is better for a dating profile? Black & White or Colored?

Looking for you're opinions here i can't seem to choose one but i am thinking black and white? The photo was taken with my phone (didn't want to get my real camera) so the quality isn't that good unfortunantly.
Which version of this photo is better for a dating profile? Black & White or Colored?

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  • I actually prefer the coloured one :) I really like the colour of your hair and your eyes, and you don't get that with the black and white one.


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  • My first thought was that the black and white would be best but maybe not. So I googled it.

    Found this on date report :
    "We recommend avoiding black-and-white as your main photo. "

    And this (relating to women):
    "Scientists recently conducted several experiments to examine whether red really enhances men's attraction to women... Men perceived the woman in the picture with the red background or shirt as more attractive and they were more interested in dating her than the exact same woman against other backgrounds or in a different colored shirt."

    • Read another comment and remembered something. According to research okcupid has made. Girls view you as mysterious and it's more likely that you get a contact if you don't smile and also don't look straight into the camera.

    • Wow great opinion! Thanks!

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  • The colored one looks a lot better to me

  • both are good i'd pick the black and white it shows how light the color of your eyes is , without knowing what the color is.
    p. s : your hair is perfect , i'd kill for hair like yours ! ... well i won't really kill but you got the point
    good luck on your online dating thing :)


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