What's wrong with people nowadays?

Okay, this is just plain rude. On the third day of school, I was wearing a black shirt and blue jeans. And people in my advisory class was just saying I look like different peoples and stuff. They was making fun of how my body is shaped. Then on the fourth day, I wore a white t-shirt with some cool designs and black jogger with white stars on it. And the people who critized me was saying "I got some swag today" and "I like your outfit, I wish I can cop them." I was thinking the clothes I wear affect your outlook on me. Then on the fifth day, I wore a baseball Diamond t-shirt and white joggers. Everyone was complimenting me and even a girl who thinks she's better than everyone else (and the fact I heard people saying she has over 100 people texting her and she nevers reply back to none of them), she even compliments me and tries to talk to me. And some boy who always says I have no neck try make people thinks that he known me for a long time. What's wrong with people?


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  • all i can say is "kids these days"


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  • Jogger pants are "in" for stoners/guys who talk to girls a lot. Maybe that's it.
    I hate people sometimes.
    People only compliment me when I wear band t-shirts from bands they know, because I just wear jeans/khakis/other casual pants, and a t-shirt, pretty much every day. Hoping to wear more exciting stuff in college.