Should I keep going on my long hair adventure?

I've been growing out my hair for a few months now and im getting pritty shaggy and im struggeling with breakouts (but i think im starting to win that battle) my profile pic is what i started with and im at this point now. i want to know if the shagggy look works for me. should i grow it out more, style it with pomade or somthing, or just cut my losses and go back to simple and short? (sorry im a little yellow, the lighting is bad)
should i keep going on my long hair adventure?

  • looks good
    60% (6)36% (4)48% (10)Vote
  • keep growing
    40% (4)36% (4)38% (8)Vote
  • cut it off
    0% (0)18% (2)10% (2)Vote
  • slick it back
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oh and wile im at it, glasses yea or nay?


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  • looks good!


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  • Keep it longer and no glasses, it makes you more relaxed and natural