Ladies, how do my looks fare against the judgment of your tastes?


Since times of old, I have pondered on whether my looks fall within the realms of "handsomness" or lurk beneath the depths of ugliness.

I implore of you to express your utmost honesty. Fear not to declare your opinion even if you find me on the ugly side. If so, the heart will be ever so grateful and the soul shall live respectful of such opinions.

Release your adjectives! :D

Ladies, how do my looks fare against the judgment of your tastes?


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  • You are pretty handsome for me.

    • Very happy to hear so XD

      I posted this because my friends say that the only chance that a lady might find me handsome is if I cover my face with a bag lol.

    • They are wrong..
      I like what I see.

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  • Your way of talking is very... weird (?) but I think you look fine - just a not so airbrushed photo would have been better

  • Everything about you reminds me of ancient times.. Or rather your way of writing does aha.
    But its pretty cool, and you sound like a gentleman.

  • I can't see a picture... O_o

    Sorry I can't be more specific!

    • Much gratitude for notifying me. It seems that the image I have posted is not compatible with the website. No worries!!! This shall be reposted with a pic

    • Now I can see the picture!

      Yes, I think you are handsome. You also look kind :) And just as an aside... I also like the way you use the written word.

    • My confidence climbs further atop with the ropes of your kind comments. I bow with respect :)

  • I don't like how you talk otherwise your fine.

    • My teachers have thought the same regarding my mannerisms of speech. However, it comes really comes naturally from the olden English books I have read since I was a child lol.

      Your opinion is much appreciated dear maiden ^.^

  • That's a photoshop

    • But I like your way of talking and your use of words, but then again i'm British and love fantasy

    • I have taken the image using nothing but my Samsung smart phone ^.^ the airbrush effect was automatically turned on if that is what you meant :p

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