Girls, Why do some girls expect ugly guys to get fit even tho they will still remain ugly?


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    Not a clue, I have never met such a girl. Although I think all people should get fit.

    Also shouldn't this be in the girls behavior section.

    • Ok is there any proof that geting fit will help someone geting a girlfriend if they are ugly? If there is post a link here. Idc about how i live or do anything as long i can be attractive and have a girlfriend.

    • No there is not. I think people should be fit to be healthy. Although becoming fit can increase a persons attractiveness.


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  • Losing weight can often make "ugly" people become more attractive. Some people just can't pull off extra weight. Not to mention, being fit means you are probably self disciplined to some degree, care about yourself (which is super attractive), and are healthy.

    I wouldn't say girls "expect" guys to get fit but rather they prefer guys to get fit if they are looking for a relationship whether serious or casual.

    • But i mean it's not like you can turn an average guy into a model by having him going to the gym every 3rd day in the week. Or have you every seen a decent guy turn handsome by being fit?

    • I mean most people will never look like models but striving for that ideal is ridiculous anyways. Being fit basically improves anyones looks from the ugliest toad to the most beautiful model.

      I believe that no one is truly 100 percent ugly. If I do find someone ugly it's because they don't have particularly good looks or a good personality AND don't take care of themselves. I know it's a cliche, but a good personality can really make someone appear a lot more attractive especially if they take care and put time into trying to look their best. And even if someone just did not get the gift of any good genes, working out, wearing attractive, well-fitted clothing, and having a good demeanor/personality can fool even the smartest of people.

  • Then remain ugly and unhealthy. I don't care.

    • lol ugly is ugly no matter what. It's not like you'd date someone ugly/fit becuse he would still be ugly i'm i right?

  • Both parts need to make an effort. Not just you or not just them.