Why are some people stupid and think I am not white?

This happens sometimes.

People with southern European heritage often tend to be pretty tan, but they're too ignorant and apparently think everyone has to look like they're pale and light to be so? Dumb.


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  • Yes it's ignorance mostly. Caucasian is not synonymous with "white" skin. Just like Negro is not synonymous with "black" or really dark skin. Not Mongoloid with "yellow" skin and so on.

    You are correct. Though long ago southern euros like Spaniards and Italians were not considered "Caucasian". But they are now as well as many mid easterners that are not pale white. Caucasoid is a physical distinction more than skin color as is Mongoloid and Negroid.

    Some people need the skin color distinction desperately, like a drug addict needs dope. And some are not open minded enough to overcome the ignorance with knowledge.


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  • it doesn't make them stupid, it just means they have a different picture of "white" in their mind. everybody sees people differently, doesn't make anybody dumb or stupid

  • there is a lot of mixture in southern Europe.

    • The tiny percentage of Moorish blood really doesn't do anything. It's like saying a black person is white if they have one white ancestor going back 400 years.

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    • A black person having European ancestry doesn't make them mixed just the same as a white person having African ancestry making does not make them mulatto

    • @iamyourneighbor have you ever been to southern europe?

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  • In fairness I just looked at your profile pic and thought you looked hispanic so I could see how some make the error.

  • These people you speak of most likely have never travelled to Southern Europe.