Girls, I'm freaking out, why did my hair turn out like this?

So I dyed my hair from black to blond I did it before but I forgot how it's suppose to look after I wash it. I feel like I did it completely wrong this time. My top hair is super light I see the blond, that's fine but once it leaves the top it's all dark.

Could it be maybe my hair is wet so it changed the appearance of the color?


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  • Did you try to strip all the black out of your hair? It depends on how much bleach was in your blonde dye ALSO if you're going from such a dark colour to light then it takes a few times to get the colour right. It won't the first time x

    • No I didn't. I usually do the same procedure every time but this time I picked a light shade. My hair on the top is light and the bottom is a darker shade. Now I don't know what to do and I go to work tonight. I'm freaking out

  • Did you bleach it first?

    • No I usually don't and it always takes the color this time it didn't. I always go from black to blond and blond to black without bleaching. I picked a different blond though