It has to be me right? Do I look okay in your opinion?

It has to be me right? Do I look okay in your opinion?
I have felt like shit since the break up with my ex since MAY. Ladies and Gents it has been 6 months since I dumped him and I only just recently started getting interested in this other guy but, i'm pretty (like 99%) sure he doesn't like me. Neither do a lot of the guys at my school and it makes me feel like I'm just not good enough. I know I don't necessarily need men to tell me I look good but, like I've never just had an experience of someone coming up to me and telling me that they think I'm hot or beautiful or pretty. So if you know any tips to raising self confidence PLEASE TELL ME. Along with answering honeslty; What about me is so unnattractive?


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  • There's nothing unattractive about you that I can. You have beautiful eyes and a lovely skin colors. And you have no make up or eye crap on - this is the real you I'm complimenting. Remember that in the western world there's only one type of beauty that's been pushed on everyone since the invention of the camera and moving pictures. Many have been imagery manipulate and brainwashed into thinking that's the only type of beauty in the world. Wrong. That's just one type. There are many, many many more types of beauty in the world but others are not exposed/promoted. You have a different type of beauty. Not all are capable of recognizing it. But it's there. It's always been there too. Don't judge yourself based on the mainstream media's images that are forced on you. I personally take offense to the media imagery tactics and denying me fair abc equal exposure to thr different beauty types there are in the world. Thus, I what very little TV and never prime time TV with commercials. You are beautiful. How to raise self confidence in your own beauty? Stop comparing yourself to what mainstream media has shoved down your throat your whole life. Look in the mirror and look at YOU. Clear your pre programmed mind first. Then look and you'll find your own points of natural beauty. There's your confidence. It's in you. Many are incapable or unwilling to admit they see it. Oh well. Too bad. Many, many, many of us who use our own internal and unfiltered and not pre programmed whitewashed/brainwashed ability to chose for ourselves what is beautiful to us are able to see feminine beauty in all it's types and forms. I see yours, easily. It presented itself to me when i first saw your pic. Eyes jumped out at me first. Then skin color.

    Realize you been brainwashed and force fed a type all your life. Reverse that by seeking the different beauty within yourself and in other types that dominant in other areas of the world. Rewash your brain with the realities of the world. Trust me. You'll see your own beauty and will gain self confidence in it. Open your mind and look at the drop dead and breathtakingly gorgeous women of color all over the world in Africa, Asian (south, south east, east, west, Middle East) the pacific islands Australia, South America, Central/Latin America, India, Indonesia. You'll have to seek it out yourself because mainstream media does not offer, expose or promote other than it's own idea of what it considers beautiful. Free your mind from that image!

    • Thanks got mho ☺️


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  • I honestly don't see nothing wrong with how you look. My first impression is that you look like a laid back, funny, relaxed young lady. I'd give you a 8/10 cause your naturally beautiful and pretty. You do look stunning and drop dead gorgeous in this picture as your pose seem to work well with your personality. Sorry if getting carried away but don't let me approach you, I'll be sure say what I mean and make you feel special.

  • I do not think so
    and honestly
    the real guy does not seeks the beauty of face dear

    for someone like the real gentleman
    the beauty of heart is what that all matters

    do not let urself to get discouraged
    cherish what u r

    if someone is not giving u credit for what u r
    that means that person does not deserve u

    u r pretty by the way

    so no need to worry
    enjoy ur life
    and do not let anyone else to get u
    discouraged or feel sad

    it is ur life and ur body
    have a nice time
    respected and gorgeous lady

  • Be confident

  • You are pretty good


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  • You want an honest answer?

    I don't think you look unattractive or ugly at all. You look perfectly normal and average. I like your nose :)