Meat moles and birthmarks on face?

I have a mole on my face and have been very insecure about it ever since 5th grade when a girl pointed out about it to me. Do guys find this ugly? I know I do but I just want to know if all guys do too. If not then I wish I could meet you man. There are two guys who said they liked me and all I can think is they're probably lying because who can like and ugly girl with a big mole on her face? I don't know if I could ever meet someone who could love me with this thing. So yeah guys, what do you think of moles?


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  • I don't think the moles/birthmarks are an issue - I would believe the two guys like you

    • I wish everyone thought the same. Looks are so important to teenagers. Not all, but most of em. And maybe you're right

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  • I dont think theyre a big deal.


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  • Not really. If you're self conscious about it have it removed. Don't forget Cindy Crawford has one on her face too

    • I want to, I actually was very close to two years ago but my parents stopped it from happening unfortunetly. And I won't

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