Why does this guy keep looking at me? Why doesn't he just talk to me?

He looks at me in class almost like every day I see him in class but he never talks to me like he talks to other girls but not me. He's popular and very loud in class so it's not like he's socially awkward but I feel very uncomfortable when he looks at me like pretty much everyday? ?


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  • It sounds like he is really nervous. Go interact with him.


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  • I was in the same situation as you were!! I personally would go up to him and say hey and see what he does, clearly he has something on his mind.. and see how he reacts


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  • He likes you and that makes him shy towards you. He has no problem talking to the other girls because he doesn't like them and it feels casual. Why don't you just talk to him?

    • If he likes me why doesn't he talk to me I'm not scary

    • Maybe he's thinking the same about you : )

      Look, it's your life and your happiness. You can wait for it to come to you, or you can chase it. Maybe he'll never work up the nerve, maybe he will. There have been times where I had no idea a girl was interested or I didn't even notice her until she talked to me. That little bit of encouragement sometimes put her on the radar and helped me make up my mind to pursue.

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