What do you think? too much belly pooch?

So, I was playing around with this picture of me making it black and white to give it an old school vibe, but while trying to understand the filters and how to use them, well... It's just after looking at it for a while I started wondering if maybe I look like I still have a bit too much belly pooch. The photo looks kinda fucked now :/ not used to using all these filters. I don't know how to fix it but yea. The shadow should give a good idea of how much the pooch is protruding :/ also, are my thighs too fat? Been trying really hard to get a decent thigh gap, but it seems like How my bones are positioned, it might impossible :( thanks :) (under guy's profile because I'm using my brother's account. I don't have a computer and only have to ask one quick question so he said it would be alright if I use his so long as I keep it under anonymous) I'm not trolling for compliments, I just want some genuine feedback. Please?

What do you think? too much belly pooch?

On a side note, how do I control the shading? I feel like the way I did it makes my head look partially decapitated and I don't know how to fix it:(


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  • I think your body is perfect. Nope, not too much pooch at all


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