BDD or just fishing for compliments/attention?

I know it could be both. Some people don't know they're attractive like in my case. I thought I was average until I heard it from family members and seeing how girls check me out. The bdd could be true because I seen how people kill themselves because someone made fun of their looks even though they were attractive and it's like what a shame. By the way no one should off themselves because of looks whether attractive or unattractive, instead make themselves useful and help the poor people starving who want to live.


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  • I think fishing for attention.


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  • Yes in some cases you worry about BDD on here a couple of times a week you see people come on here should I lose 15 more pounds and they are already really skinny. I think the important thing about this topic is not to take it seriously and what is this obsession with this rating - It doesn't make sense my values will be totally different to everyone else so how can you get a standard scale.