Do you think I look my age?(Or around my age)?

My life story: Everyone thinks I look SO much older than what I am. When I was eight years old, people thought I was 13. When I was twelve, people thought I was 16. When I was 16, people thought I was 23-25. And ever since I hit my 20's, people think I'm in my late 30's.

I just turned 25 today. Obviously, a 25 year old looks virtually no different than anyone between 20-29(maybe 28/29.) Either way, I expect people to guess me in my 20's but people still guess me in my 30's, and sometimes, even my 30's.

Look at the photo below, which is a face selfie I just took today, and my profile photo, do I really look so much older? I'm not mad or insecure, nor do I care that much, I just feel like I look like a 20-something. I just like hearing people's opinions on this.
Do you think I look my age?(Or around my age)?

@BelleGirl21 Fair enough answer, thanks!

@KDA20 You gave another great answer (even if you weren't the only guy who answered, I would have picked you.)


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  • I think you are so big it throws everyone perception out - Your features are quite young but then the sheer size makes you think again - When you think about it I would say your age 25 Happy Birthday

    • But I'm an adult, and size is pretty much irrelevant now.

      If anything, my size would make someone think I'm in my 20's as opposed to 30's/40's because it's easier to have muscle mass in your 20's than any other age group.

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  • You look 10 years older

  • Yes you look older but that isn't necessarily a bad thing

    • Right, it works better for guys.

    • It works for girls too

    • I actually agree but unfortunately, society places a double standard with aging.

      An aged men is viewed as "experienced and mature", where as an aged woman is viewed as "worn out and old." It's not fair but it's the way it goes.

  • you look at bit older.


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