What do you think of the Dolan twins?

What do you think of the Dolan twins?

here's a vine of them because why not

What confuses me is that theyre only 15. HOW CAN 15 YEAR OLDS LOOK THIS GOOD? When i was 15, i looked like a rat.
I already did a "how attractive are they" question today, but im bored so yea

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Most Helpful Girl

  • When i was 15, i looked like a rat.

    LOL^^ so relatable. but yeah i think it's about teens actually giving a damn about how they look now, and putting in work to come off as older, sexier, stronger, manlier, prettier.

    that, and they have great genes. like wth their jawlines and facial features...


Most Helpful Guy

  • don't believe everything you see. people don't take pics with big pimples on their faces. plus who knows, maybe they don't eat any crap, maybe they put makeup on.

    and they seem to be all about looks to tell you the truth. probably lack substance and are into pop culture and say bae or whatever the kids say these days.


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What Girls Said 2

  • In addition to being much too young for me, I don't find them particularly attractive. They seem kind of... metro.

  • Sooooooo smexy! But I feel so weird saying that because of the age difference between us😂


What Guys Said 1

  • I have no idea who they are but they seem very handsome.