How can I love myself? Give your experience?

I know im not as pretty and im really am average im not hottie or anything, im Just a girl with a average face and a decent body... but even though i do see fat people of the ugliest people they are very happy with themselves and i really like to feel That ways too, plus the media really brings me down too, and had two boyfirends dump me for hotter girls...


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  • The only thing I would say is never compare yourself to other people - Do things that make you happy - Be more confident in yourself - You will find that if you are happier and more confident, you will feel more attractive.


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  • Do things that make you feel good.

    Think of feeling good physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Do what it takes to feel good in multiple ways; it may require exercise, meditation, and keeping a positivity journal. Find a routine that feels good and stick to it.

    Good luck.


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  • wel from my experience i used to not love myself because of the fact I was a plus size female

    but then I learned to love myself for who I was as a person and those that really loved me are true to me and they loved me for what I looked like and who I am as a person