Which is the most beautiful/handsome girl/guy you've seen on gag this week?

Choose your winner for this week and Tag them! Lol


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  • Some of my fellow pink anon peeps have given lovely responses. Also MissNowhere, mskay, HookingSwan, CHARismatic110, Genie23, cl_517, 9mfeo, bards, RainbowFanGirl, Jessicocoa, WhatTheHellAmy, chocolateismylover, Princessofpersia, zombiebabe, cinderelli and so many more.

    For the guy's, dangerDoge, Illusive_Man, BertMacklinFBI, Klaatu51, KDA20, Ihav2fart, ThisDudeHere, Omar5881, lifeis4living, Prof_Don, Aizou, YourFutureEx, Phoenix98, Xelebrum, Watermelonoma, Toad-1, RedThread, um there's more I'm sure.


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